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With a wide inventory of professional audio equipment from audio conferencing gear to public address systems to audio visual tools to wireless microphones to sound systems and more, we provide everything an event would need in audio and sound. Showorks provides some of the top sound and audio engineers in and around Philadelphia, Wilmington, Baltimore, New York, DC and the surrounding areas to operate the latest in audio equipment technology on the market to ensure that your event broadcast, webcast, live stream or recorded product is done with excellent intelligible audio signal and sound quality. We give our clients a comfort factor of having a live sound engineer as well as audio visual technician on a job that meets the demand for a high-end performance with excellent multitasking abilities. We never miss a cue!

We take pride in our ability to handle any task in our path and deliver perfection when it comes to audio visual services. If you have any questions about audio equipment rentals or about audio engineering, please give us a call today.



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