Showorks Audio Visual Meetings and Event Services

The days of holding local meetings in traditional conference rooms are few and far between. Today’s meetings are often multi-media and multi-location logistical challenges with lots of lighting equipment, video equipment, digital projection equipment and audio equipment. Headquarters may want to host a meeting locally, but they need to webcast and stream the event live to other locations to save on travel costs. Meanwhile, some key members of the intended audience can’t participate at the scheduled time so they require on demand access to the archived content at a later time. Pulling this off on time, and within budget requires professionals, technicians, and equipment like the experts at Showorks.

Special events often require different expertise and equipment than traditional stage or meeting areas. Our experience with a wide range of outdoor events includes press conferences and news events, charity runs, temporary stages in state parks, sports venues and more. You name the venue, and we have probably delivered a show in a similar environment throughout Philadelphia, Washington DC, Baltimore, or New York City. Talk to a Showorks Project Manager today about your upcoming event and about what audio equipment, camera equipment, and lighting equipment you will need to make the event memorable.

Meetings, Events, Industries and Markets we serve


  • Event Planning, Coordinating and Managing
  • Tradeshow Exhibits and Events
  • Corporate Events and Functions
  • Business Associations Annual Meetings
  • Nonprofits Meetings and Fundraisers
  • College and University Events
  • Pharmaceutical Presentations and Shareholder Events
  • Financial Services Events
  • Professional Services
  • Political Campaign Events and Fundraisers
  • Retail Launch Events and Functions

Event Management

Showorks has long standing relationships with numerous producers and event planners who trust us on a regular basis.  Our consistent implementation of video equipment, audio equipment, and lighting make Showorks the perfect choice to stage your next event.  We deliver expert knowledge of the intricate mechanical workings necessary to meet your lighting, audio and video necessities and invest in long-term relationships by providing high quality at reasonable prices from Philadelphia to New York City to Baltimore to Washington DC and more.

Tradeshow Exhibits and Event Services

As a reliable team member for audio and visual equipment and technical services for Philly, NYC, DC, Baltimore and national tradeshows, we have a wealth of knowledge in a wide range of venue types and a diverse portfolio of industries and businesses. Showorks can distribute not just throughout the Philadelphia, Manhattan, Baltimore, and the Washington DC area but provide nationwide coverage that is professional and reasonably priced.  For audio, video, and lighting management for trade show exhibit floors, let Showorks handle the event staging while you focus on your clients and exhibitors.  .

Corporate Events

Showorks focuses on bringing a company’s corporate vision and dream to life. We understand that a corporate event is a reflection of your company and our audiovisual team has the knowledge to comprehend your idea and deliver the audio, camera, and lighting equipment to make it happen. We provide all necessary staging equipment for your event planners and directors to make the greatest impression on your employees, shareholders, or prospects.